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Wedding Day Reflections: Giving Her Legs

Megan Wedding Day

What a busy and exciting time we’ve had in the Lutz household… two weddings in just 8 weeks!

As I’ve shared previously (Early Morning Reflections of a Blessed Father on my Daughter’s Wedding Day), I have three daughters. My daughters each have very distinct personalities, and each relate closely to a Disney princess: Katie (Belle), Megan (Ariel), and Kelly (Aurora). Today we celebrate the wedding of Princess Megan/Ariel.

Like Ariel, Megan has a wide-eyed wonder of life. She likes adventure, wants to experience new things, and longs to discover what’s “up there” on land. At the same time, she holds on to the safety of home (the waters) and the boundaries that are in place. There’s security there. She can live in both worlds.

Today, we celebrate her storybook wedding to Andrew Kelleher. I shared with Andrew earlier this week how I knew immediately that he was the one. I shared that it wasn’t what I saw in him (though he is a wonderful, godly young man who I love and greatly admire). Instead, I told him that I knew because of what I saw in Megan. Ephesians 5:33 says, “However, let each one of you love his wife as himself, and let the wife see that she respects her husband.” Andrew’s love for Megan is immediately apparent, but more so than that, I see Megan’s extreme respect for the man who in a few short hours will be her husband. That has been my life long prayer for her. Andrew is the man whom the Lord has chosen to love, protect, and lead my little girl for the rest of her life. For that I am eternally grateful to Him.

Often I am asked by friends and family, how did our children turn out the way they did? What did we do to instill certain values in them. And while the correct and immediate answer to the question is… “The Grace of God,” it is true that Amy and I had certain principles that we used to raise our children. Near the top of our list was that we “ministered together as a family.” I am so thrilled that Megan and Andrew are beginning their marriage as partners in both life and ministry. Together they share a passion to reach students on the campus of Miami University with the gospel of Jesus Christ. As a father, it is a joy to me to see them be co-laborers of the Gospel together. He will do great things in and through them both. My prayer for their future, whether it is with CRU or in the business world, is that they ALWAYS be partners together in ministry.

In the Little Mermaid, Ariel’s father is King Triton. I’ve argued that King Triton is without a doubt the best animated character of all time. No matter what emotion he is showing in the movie (love, anger, joy, discipline, insecurity in his own role as a father, and more) there is one constant that is ALWAYS seen: his deep and abiding love for his daughter. It never goes away. It’s always present. If you don’t believe me, go back and rewatch the movie. It’s in his eyes. I don’t how the animator was able to capture that in every screen, but he did. It’s in his eyes.

At the end of the movie, the hardest thing that King Triton ever had to do (yet the one thing that he did most joyfully and willingly) was to give his daughter legs to follow her dreams and to marry her prince. That’s what I’m doing today.

If you’re at the wedding and want to see just how much I love my daughter, watch my eyes.

Early Morning Reflections of a Blessed Father on my Daughter’s Wedding Day

It’s early in the morning and the house is quiet. All of my girls are out getting their hair “did.” It’s my baby’s wedding day.

When you raise three girls, the “wedding day” is a frequent topic of conversation, especially for girls who honor and value marriage as much as mine do. They dream of a storybook wedding with their handsome prince (perhaps we went overboard on Disney). I have three princesses with three very different and distinct personalities: Belle, Arial, and Aurora. Today is Aurora’s (Kelly’s) day.

Dinner w/Kelly

Perhaps it’s because of my “Dad” focus, but from my recollection there were two topics that came up more than any other: Walking her down the aisle and the Father/Daughter dance. It may be that for a little girl, her Daddy is still the most important man in her life. Somewhere along the line the love for the handsome Prince grows to surpass even the love for the father. That’s as it should be. That doesn’t mean that the love for the father is in any way diminished, but there is a greater love still.

Many family and friends have asked me how I’m doing with my baby girl getting married, and my answer to them is that I couldn’t be better. I’m pretty sure that I’ll be fine walking her down the aisle. I’ll be strong for her. I’m always strong for her. When I give her away, I’ll be giving her away to a young man who literally is the answer to a lifetime of prayer. I couldn’t have hand selected a more godly young man to lead and protect my little girl for the rest of her life. God certainly knew what He was doing (He always does) when he brought these two together.

I’m sure that I’ll shed more than a few tears in the wedding, but they will be tears of great joy and tremendous pride. As a father, I couldn’t be more proud of the godly young woman she has become, and I’m excited to see she and Robert grow into everything that He has in store for them in the future.

The truth is… It’s not just little girls who dream of wedding days, Dad’s do too. I’m looking forward to my dance with Mrs. Kelly Lopina. It will be the highlight of my day.